How Self Service Dog Wash Works

Our brand new facilities are bright, clean and offer everything you need to bathe your pet without the stress and mess. Our superior tubs keep them safe and secure while calmly massaging away the mess and odors – and they are getting the best treatment they can get because it is done by you with the love and care they deserve to be treated with – they would do it for you if only they could!

1. Check In

Complete a customer/pet information card at the check in desk.

2. Evaluation

We will measure your pet for appropriate pricing categorization.

3. Assign Equipment and Stations

You will be provided a waterproof apron for everyone in your group, a basket of grooming tools, towels, and assigned a bathing tub and/or grooming table according to your pet needs and choice of service.

4. Wash & Reward

After you complete providing services for your pet, they get a spritz of cologne of your choice and a cookie treat!

5. Check Out

ALL DONE! Time to check out!