About Muddy Buddy

Family owned an operated

We at Muddy Buddy care about your pet and want to ensure a good experience for both you and your pet.

Why bathe your pet at Muddy Buddy of Virginia Self-Service Dog Wash?
Nature has designed our furry friends with a coat that needs special attention when maintained as a domestic pet to be its best.  We take them into the bathtub, get down on our knees and bathe them – usually, they are not amused with all the effort.  They shake water and fur everywhere, run through the house and end up in the back yard rolling all their wet fur in the grass and dirt.  So, next time, we skip the bathroom mess and use the hose in the backyard, creating fresh mud for them to roll in.  The water is cold, the water pressure is not normally sufficient to get through the undercoat and another unfortunate experience for you and your pet.

Our brand new facilities are bright, clean and offer everything you need to bathe your pet without the stress and mess.  Our superior tubs keep them safe and secure while calmly massaging away the mess and odors – and they are getting the best treatment they can get because it is done by you with the love and care they deserve to be treated with – they would do it for you if only they could!